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Above and Beyond

McElroy’s Residential Services Manager Greg Hunsicker went to great heights to help a family in need on New Years Day. His actions landed him in the June edition of Plumbing & Mechanical magazine. Enjoy a read of this house and heart warming story.

Life is grand for Wanda and Jay Core

You’ve probably heard about our Grand Plan Giveaway by now. If not, you can read all about it here. The gist is, if you have a Preventive Maintenance contract with us for two or more consecutive years, you’re automatically entered into a drawing for $1,000. We’re excited to announce the winner of our second annual giveaway: Wanda and Jay Core. Wanda said that her and Jay have a large family, and that this is a huge help for the Holiday Season! We’ll hold our next drawing again this next December 2018. Remember, the more years you have a McElroy's Preventive Maintenance Plan, the more chances you have to win! Best of Luck, and thank you for choosing McElroy's!

Earth Day Tips from McElroy's

In honor of Earth Day, here are a few tidbits about Mother Earth, along with some tips on how to keep her thriving. Remember, when Mom is happy, everyone’s happy.

  • Earth is the only planet not named after a Greek or Roman deity. So there’s that.
  • 70% of our planet is covered in water. Gulp.
  • You can fit 1,300,000 Earths inside the sun. Okay, technically that’s more about the sun, but still…whoah!
  • Our planet is spinning at about 1,000 miles per hour. No wonder so many of us have bad hair days.
  • There are more living organisms in a teaspoon of soil than there are people on Earth. It is a small world, after all.


Earth Day Tips

1. Install Geothermal Heating & Cooling – Geothermal systems tap into the Earth's constant temperature, burn no fossil fuels, and are 3-5X more efficient than a gas forced air system.

2. Install Energy Star® appliances – According to the website, if just 1 household in 10 bought heating and cooling equipment that has earned the Energy Star, we would prevent annual greenhouse gas emissions of 12 billion pounds (1.1 million cars). For a list of certified products, visit

3. Install low-flush toilets - replacing a typical 3.5-gallon toilet with a 1.6 gallon model will save a family of four 11,096 gallons of water per year.

4. Fix a leaking faucet - A faucet leaking just one drop per second wastes over 1,300 gallons per year! A leak from a hot water source wastes both water and fossil fuel, creating more greenhouse gasses. Most repairs to plumbing fixtures pay for themselves within just a year.

5. Replace bulbs with CFLs – compared to regular bulbs, CFLs last 10 times longer, use only 1/4 the energy and pro-duce 90% less heat, yet they produce more light per watt.

6. Get Preventive Maintenance – maximize the efficiency of your home by having your systems checked in the spring and fall. Getting your equipment tuned up, repaired or replaced will keep your home at peak performance.

7. Recycle and Reuse – It's more than just a slogan. You can start making the world a 'greener' place today: return hangers to the cleaners, donate clothing and computers to charities, pack lunches in reusable containers instead of bags, there are hundreds of easy things to do.


There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. For a fun list of ideas, visit

McElroy's is a leader in mechanical contracting and service for plumbing, heating and air, serving Topeka and the surrounding area for 65 years. Let us help your home or business do its part for the planet. For more information about McElroy's, visit, or call 785-266-4870.

Important update about our preventive maintenance plans.

We just finished fine-tuning our maintenance plans, and want to share the news with you.

The biggie is, we’re no longer offering a residential plumbing preventive maintenance plan. (If you have a plumbing PM plan with us, we’ll continue to honor your agreement until it expires.) We're also removing the existing plumbing maintenance option from the annual peak performance preventive maintenance plan and replacing it with these two options:

1) Schedule a plumbing consultant to come to your home free of charge to discuss any questions, concerns or projects.

2) Schedule a plumbing technician to perform an inspection and repair any plumbing problems that need immediate attention. (20% off labor and part of the repairs.)

If you have a preventive maintenance plan with us, you’ll be receiving a letter in the mail detailing any changes in your plan. If you don’t have a plan with us, you should. Check out the perks that come with:

• 20% off labor and parts for heating, air conditioning and plumbing repair services.
• No overtime fees for emergency repair services. Call us weeknights and weekends and rest assured you won’t pay overtime labor rates.
• Priority service when you have a real emergency. We serve our maintenance plan customers first.
• Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

There’s no better way to ensure your HVAC and plumbing systems are primed to keep you and your family comfortable all year long.

Wouldn't it be grand to win $1,000?

Announcing The McElroy's Grand Plan Giveaway

We’ve always appreciated how loyal our customers are, and we’re excited to introduce a new way to show our appreciation. With the McElroy’s Grand Plan Giveaway, you’ll be automatically entered into an annual drawing for a whopping thousand dollars just for being an ongoing preventive maintenance customer.*

Here’s how the giveaway works.

If you’ve been a preventive maintenance customer for two or more years in a row, you’ll be entered twice into an annual drawing for a chance to win $1,000. Each consecutive year you continue your agreement, your name will again go into a drawing an additional time for an annual $1,000 giveaway.**

The first drawing is December 1, 2016. If you don’t have a preventive maintenance agreement with us, now’s the time to get signed up. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be on your way to entering the Grand Plan Giveaway. To get signed up, give us a call at 785-266-4870.

*Must be a continuing agreement for 2 years minimum.
**If there is any lapse in agreement due to the purchase of new equipment, the count starts over.
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