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McElroy's drain maintenance: Less drain on your time and resources.

You don't get 65 years of commercial plumbing experience without constantly searching for new and innovative ways to solve challenges. That's why we're pleased to offer a huge leap forward in our drain maintenance solutions. Our grease trap pumping service reduces downtime, service time, and foul odor time by efficiently cleaning your grease trap in 50-70% of the time of a typical service call.

McElroy's GreaseVac system pumps a gallon of grease per second. With its portable design and quiet operation, we're in and out of tight spots—and tight schedules—before you know it. Reducing the amount of time needed for cleaning, combined with the GreaseVac filtration system, also drastically reduces lingering foul odors that can bother customers and employees.

The GreaseVac unit is similar to a septic truck but is smaller, portable and more manageable in tight spaces. Unlike septic trucks often requiring hundreds of feet of hose that can mark walls, doors and stain carpet, the McElroy's solution easily wheels into position within your facility.

Reactive drain emergencies

We've all experienced loss of business, or at least a terribly inconvenient problem when drain lines become clogged. Reactive drain line cleaning rarely occurs at a good time. If you run into a situation where a drain line is plugged, let the McElroy's reactive crew clear things up. We'll assess your problem then use our hydrodynamic drain line jetter to get the problem resolved quickly. Once your line is clear, it's time to discuss a more proactive approach.

Proactive drain maintenance

Let McElroy's help you proactively treat grease traps and drains before they become problems. We use a 7-spore blend bacillus product, Drain and Trap Formula that automatically doses to your commercial drain line at a predetermined interval. Drain and Trap Formula removes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, by converting them into water and CO2. This solution eliminates the problem before it can become that "right in the middle of rush hour" emergency.

Our lines are always open. Call 785-266-4870 to schedule drain line service or for more information.

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For immediate assistance, call (877) MCELROY.