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Sgt. Joe Pruett


Community Saluting America’s Veterans

November 11, 2020

Sgt. Joe Pruett, retired

Joe Pruett is one of many proud veterans who are now on the McElroy’s team. We offer our heartfelt thanks to all of our veterans, as well as United States veterans all across the world. On this Veterans Day, we’d like to share a little extra about Joe.

United State Marine Corps

When Joe was young, he looked forward to joining the police force or the military. He decided to follow in his grandfather’s tradition and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He served for four years, including 18 months deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Discipline and Values

Joe takes pride in the discipline, drive, work ethic and team spirit that are integral to success in a military career. These are core values that he and other veterans carry forward to family life and work habits today. “I want everything that I do to be as good as I can make it,” Joe said. “Whether I’m working on a plumbing project for McElroy’s or supporting my kids’ activities, I want everyone to feel the pride I take in my work and family.”

Veterans on the McElroy’s Team

Joe’s story is but one example of our many distinguished veterans who bring their pride, honor and professionalism to McElroy’s in continued service to our customers. We take this time to express our gratitude for their selfless service, and our appreciation for everything they do. Thank you, one and all!

Steve Carlson  U.S. Navy Petty Officer Third Class 2 Years of Service
Gary Clemmons U.S. Army Staff Sergeant  13 Years of Service
Keith Feldhaus U.S. Army Sergeant 5 Years of Service
Quentin Latta U.S. Army Specialist 3 Years of Service
Nick Newsom U.S. Marine Corps Corporal  4 Years of Service
Garrett Sayles Army Reserve Specialist 2 Years Ongoing
Matt Schneider U.S. Army Staff Sergeant 11 Years of Service
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