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Case Study

Industrial & ManufacturingBev-Hub

Construction: Canning/Bottling Plant

Manhattan, KS 126,000 SQ FT

Completed: July 01, 2021

      McElroy’s provided complete Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Design-Build expertise, working directly with the owners of this new canning and bottling co-packing plant. Using an existing building near the Manhattan airport, the project involved complete strip-down and replacement of all mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, piping, electrical and control systems.

      McElroy’s engineers custom-designed everything to meet Bev-Hub’s innovative vision, functionality needs and long-term value goals. From design to prefabrication to precision installation, McElroy’s provided all heating, cooling and piping for plant equipment and the plant environment. All electrical services and distribution systems were included, as well as design, installation and programming of all control systems.

      Count on McElroy’s for the capabilities and innovative expertise to create and construct highly functional, forward-thinking and cost-effective industrial plants


  • 18 Direct expansion (DX) rooftop units – 515 total tons
  • 2 Fluid coolers – 1,420 total tons
  • 2 Chillers – 700 total tons
  • 2 Plate-and-frame heat exchangers – 1,400 total tons
  • 6 Vertical turbine pumps – 6,745 total GPM
  • 3 Vertical inline pumps – 2,670 total GPM
  • Cooling plant piping, distribution piping and insulation
  • High-pressure steam boiling plant, 850-hp, 300-lb
  • Deaerator tank, condensate pumps
  • High-pressure steam plant piping, distribution piping and insulation
  • Two 3,000-amp, 480-volt, 3-phase electrical services
  • Electrical wiring and distribution system
  • Design, install, program all control systems
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