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Ben Walker


Residential Ben Walker: 15 Years of Positive Attitude

April 30, 2021

“I hired Ben directly after he graduated from Kaw Area VoTech,” said Greg Hunsicker, McElroy’s vice president of residential HVAC. “Ben has always been a pleasant person to work with and he has excelled in all aspects of the trade.” On May 1, 2021, we’re honoring Ben Walker for his 15th McElroy’s work anniversary. We want to celebrate his excellent HVAC skills and the way he always shows a positive attitude – a key McElroy’s core value.

Drawn to the HVAC Trade

Ben grew up in Berryton, southeast of Topeka, and attended the Shawnee Heights school district. “I was a good student,” Ben said. “I had perfect attendance and earned A’s and B’s.” Academically strong as he was, Ben liked working with his hands, and knew a desk job wasn’t for him. While still in high school he took VoTech classes in electrical work and heating and air. “My plans not to go to college disappointed some of my high school teachers, but I enjoyed my VoTech classes. I was good at it, it’s challenging work and a guy can make a great living in the trades.”

Always First Choice

“My uncle worked at McElroy’s in the 90s and told me it was a great place,” Ben said. “He talked about the camaraderie and how people look out for each other.” Nearing graduation from Kaw Area VoTech, Ben sought out a ride-along with a McElroy’s HVAC service technician. “It was a great experience, and I applied that same afternoon. McElroy’s was always my first choice. I never applied anywhere else.” A few weeks later, McElroy’s had a big job in Junction City and needed a “green guy” to help out. That’s when Ben was hired.

Ben with HVAC TeamFrom Newby to Mentor

Over the next fifteen years, Ben greatly expanded on those HVAC skills he started learning as a teenager and grew into a key mentor to other McElroy’s technicians. “Ben never forgets how much it meant to him, in his formative years,” said Greg, “to get valuable training from more experienced coworkers. He has always put a great effort into helping train new hires.”

Kindness and Respect

Adam Broxterman is a McElroy’s technician Ben mentored. “Ben is really patient and won’t let a situation get him frustrated,” Adam said. “He keeps a positive attitude and sticks with it until it’s done.” In addition to craftsmanship, Ben teaches the interpersonal skills aspiring technicians need to succeed in residential service. “Ben treats customers like members of his own family, with thoughtfulness and respect. ‘Kill ‘em with kindness’ he tells us!”

Family is Everything

Ben bought the Berryton house he grew up in and lives there with his wife Kristina and their eight-year-old son Braxton. “Braxton’s involved in football and wrestling and we enjoy fishing together,” Ben said. “Like me, he enjoys learning new skills and working with his hands. We do projects out in the barn, and I’m teaching him to solder and weld.” Whether it’s his own family or his work family, those relationships are paramount to Ben. “Family is the most important thing. You make sure everybody is okay and you take care of each other.”

Ben Walker Working

Looking Forward

“This is a great job and I love it. It’s something new and challenging every day,” Ben said. “My installation crew is terrific – Adam, Skylar Schooler, Zach Brinker and Clay Litfin. Greg has always treated me very well, and a lot of the guys I grew up with are still here.” All of us at McElroy’s are glad that our organization was your first choice, Ben. And we hope it remains your only choice. We look forward to many more years of how your positive attitude improves the lives of our team and our customers. Thank you for everything you do, Ben!

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