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ServiceDamper Inspection

McElroy’s provides fire and smoke damper maintenance, repair, testing and comprehensive inspections according to the requirements of the jurisdictional authorities. Our NEMI Certified HVAC Fire Life Safety technicians provide a detailed report and can immediately perform any necessary repairs. This helps you gain compliances as quickly as possible while lowering costs. Our certified expertise helps you fulfill the periodic inspection of passive fire systems required by the National Fire Protection Association, International Code Council, The Joint Commission, State Fire Marshals, and others.

McElroy's technician inspects a fire and smoke damper to ensure safe and reliable operation.
McElroy's technician preforms maintenance work during fire-and-smoke damper inspection, ensuring that dampers work safely and reliably.
A McElroy's technician ensures that fire-and-smoke dampers work safely and reliably by conducting a scheduled inspection.
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