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Zoe Bock, McElroy’s plumbing service representative, 15th anniversary portrait, May 7, 2022.


Service Zoe Bock: 15 Years of Caring Service

May 06, 2022

Zoe Bock, McElroy’s plumbing service rep, talks with Junior Barajas, McElroy’s plumbing service technician.“As our dispatcher for many years, Zoe is a huge asset to the McElroy’s plumbing service team. She has definitely earned my respect and gratitude,” said Junior Barajas, journeyman service plumber. “She takes individual care of customer calls, juggles daily assignments for 11 service plumbers, makes adjustments for plumbing emergencies, and more. With all that stress, she still has a caring personality that makes even tough days easier for our team and customers.” On May 7, we recognize Zoe Bock, McElroy’s plumbing service representative, for 15 years of being a sterling example of the McElroy’s Service to Others core value.

Varied Interests

Zoe had a wide variety of interests as a child. Growing up in Grantville, northeast of Topeka, she attended Jefferson West High School in Meriden where she played volleyball and ran on the track team, competing in the 100-yard dash, hurdles and relays. Zoe was on the dance team for four years and still loves to dance. She was also in the cast of three high-school plays. “My favorite role was the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz,” Zoe said. “I also loved drawing, oil painting and art classes.” In addition to her creative pursuits, Zoe was a fan of math. “I’ve always enjoyed a challenge – figuring things out.”

Customer Service Skills

After graduating, Zoe found a job in Security Benefit’s testing department, where she test-drove new software programs by doing data entry. Zoe got married and had her first child, daughter Bailey. “I wanted to be a full-time mom, but the family needed my income,” Zoe said. In 1991, she had her first son, Chad, and moved to a position in phone sales for a farm equipment company. “That’s when I learned how much I enjoy customer service and began developing my customer relations skills.”

Start With McEZoe Bock, McElroy’s plumbing service rep, works to help assign the right McElroy’s plumber to each customer’s needs.lroy’s

In the summer of 1996, Zoe was ready for a new position. Her best friend, Shelley Shipley, told her that McElroy’s wanted someone to help field HVAC and plumbing service calls. “I was pretty good at customer service by then and I’d heard good things about McElroy’s – although I didn’t realize just how big the company was,” Zoe said. “I started on June 23,  the day before my birthday. The weather was very hot and the phones were ringing. We took calls for both residential and commercial service, and gave them to a dispatcher for scheduling. It was great work.” Her second son, Dalton, was born during this time.

Return to McElroy’s

As much as Zoe enjoyed McElroy’s, she decided in 2004 to try a different line of work on her own. In the following years, McElroy’s continued growing and Zoe’s customer service skills were remembered. In the spring of 2007, Charlie Campbell, then McElroy’s plumbing manager reached out to ask Zoe to return. “By then, I was living where I live now, near Tonganoxie – about 50 miles east of Topeka. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make that commute,” Zoe said. “But I liked McElroy’s, and decided returning was the right move.”

Empathetic Approach

Her first day back, there were torrential spring rains. “We were overwhelmed with flooded-basement calls and I jumped right in,” Zoe said. “I already knew how to put a service call into the system so – crazy as that day was – I felt right at home.” Over time, the McElroy’s customer service department evolved. Those who took the calls began doing the dispatching too. Duties for commercial HVAC, residential HVAC and plumbing were split. Zoe handles plumbing – with an empathetic approach. She’s very good at dealing with plumbing’s “right-now” problem-solving, and offers a great deal of patience and communication to handle the frequent schedule changes that emergencies cause.

Balancing Needs

“Dispatching for plumbing is a constant process of decision making and prioritizing,” said Luke Dumler, McElroy’s plumbing service manager. “When a customer calls because a burst pipe is spewing water or a toilet’s overflowing, it takes a very calm hand to assist them and figure out how to best put McElroy’s resources to work for them. Zoe does a great job of knowing our plumbers are more than just a name on a schedule board. She understands they have families and after-hours lives, too. Zoe knows those needs are just as important as the needs of our customers – and successfully blending the two makes her a great dispatcher.”

Zoe Bock, McElroy’s plumbing service rep, has in-depth plumbing knowledge that helps our customers and technicians solve issues.Smart Solutions

“Zoe’s plumbing knowledge goes beyond any dispatching expectation,” said Cassie Benton, McElroy’s customer service manager. “She knows the right questions to ask and can walk customers through many things before a tech comes out. Her knowledge helps her let the technicians know what to expect, and ensures they have what they need to solve the issue.” Sometimes Zoe can offer a quick and simple solution that might save an emergency call – like helping the customer find their water shut-off valve, or explaining how to use their garbage disposer re-set button.

Tell Them – Every Day

“Life’s most important thing is this,” Zoe said. “Tell the people you love that you love them each and every day, because tomorrow is not promised.” Zoe speaks from experience. Her son Chad was one of six workers who, in 2011, died in an Atchison, Kansas, grain elevator accident. “Chad loved the Fourth of July. Every year, my husband, Kevin, and I host a big Fourth of July party for family and friends with food, swimming in our in-ground pool, and a fireworks show. Since Chad’s death, I pick out a big, cake firework that has all the bells and whistles just for him. It’s usually the grand finale, and I always say … This is for you, Chadbo!”

Empty Nesters

Zoe’s daughter Bailey and her husband Daniel own a highly rated restaurant in downtown Mayetta called “1886.” They have two children, son Bowe, age 10 and daughter Daelyn, age 7. Zoe’s youngest son, Dalton, got his own place last fall and is a certified crane and heavy equipment operator, and a member of the Operating Engineers Local 101. As empty nesters, Zoe and Kevin enjoy gardening flowers and vegetables, morel mushroom hunting, and watching the Kansas City Chiefs. “I like cooking for family and friends,” Zoe said. “I especially like to barbecue, and I think I’m getting better with age!”

Service to Others

“Zoe is constantly on the phone with customers and technicians, helping in any way she can,” said Cassie. “She’s also super helpful with the other dispatchers and salesmen. And no matter how busy we get, she doesn’t get stressed or bent out of shape.” It’s that level-headed concern for the needs of others that makes Zoe such a proven example of the McElroy’s Service to Others core value. McElroy’s appreciates you, Zoe, for your caring service to our customers and team. Thank you for the last 15 years, and we look forward to many more!

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