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ResidentialAir Conditioning

In warm seasons, your air conditioner circulates a refrigerant to cool your home’s air as it blows through your ductwork. The refrigerant circulates to the outside condenser unit where heat in the refrigerant is released to the outside atmosphere. The cooled refrigerant then circulates inside to evaporation coils that absorb the heat in the air flowing through your ductwork – making that air cooler. McElroy’s technicians are proficient with installation, repair and maintenance of all major kinds of air conditioners. Trust McElroy’s to help keep your home comfortable year-round.

McElroy's residential HVAC technician performs maintenance on an air conditioner condensing unit
McElroy’s residential HVAC technician, Zach Brinker, hooks up the outdoor condensing unit for a new system that will bring climate control to a renovated outbuilding.
McElroy's residential HVAC technician checks the pressure in the lines of a new outdoor condensing unit .
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