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During cold seasons. natural gas and liquid propane furnaces burn fuel and use a heat exchanger to warm the air that blows through your ductwork. An electric furnace uses a heating element to convert electrical energy into heat to warm your home’s air. Both kinds of furnaces can also be used in conjunction with heat pumps. McElroy’s technicians are experts in all kinds of furnace installation, repair and maintenance. For new equipment buyers, we can help you select the type and brand of furnace that best meets your budget and home heating needs.

McElroy’s residential heating and air technician, Zach Brinker, assembles ductwork while PJ Rocha and Ben Walker install a furnace in an outbuilding that’s transforming into a space for exercise and workouts.
Ben Walker adds insulation to the refrigerant line of a new heating and air system he’s helping to install in an outbuilding that is being transformed into a year-round workout area.
Furnace Service
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