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ResidentialGeothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps use systems of pipes filled with heat-transfer fluid that are either buried to a certain depth underground or submerged in an adequately sized pond or lake. The relatively constant temperatures underground and underwater help provide a source for cooler temperatures in summer and warmer temperatures in winter. Geothermal energy is increasingly popular in Kansas (and the US as a whole) because it’s extremely eco-friendly, and it can lead to substantial savings over time. The experts at McElroy’s can help you with a geothermal system that is precisely tuned for your heating and cooling needs. Start saving energy today by having McElroy’s professionals install a geothermal heat pump.

A Geothermal system's heating, cooling, air circulation and storage equipment – expertly installed  by McElroy's.
The drilling process for the installation of the underground pipes for a geothermal heat pump system.
The indoor equipment that is part of an energy-efficient geothermal heat pump system, installed by McElroy's.
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