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Junior Barajas Award


Team 2020 McElroy’s Integrity Award: Junior Barajas

January 19, 2021

Junior Barajas, a 15-year member of the McElroy’s team, has been named the 2020 honoree of the McElroy’s Core Values Integrity Award. “A number of deserving McElroy’s team members were nominated,” said McElroy’s President Dan Beal, “and I’m pleased to say that Junior Barajas rose to the top as one who consistently demonstrates our values in all that he does.”

McElroy's Integrity Award Junior Barajas with Dan Beal

Most Prestigious McElroy’s Award

The McElroy’s Core Values Integrity Award is the most prestigious award a McElroy’s employee can receive. Given annually, this award celebrates an employee whose work especially exemplifies McElroy’s Core Values, while achieving excellence in service to the McElroy’s team, customers and community.

Problem Solver

Junior demonstrates this excellence in his plumbing work. “A customer could call any company,” Junior said, “so it’s very satisfying when someone invites me into their home or business and I solve their problem.” In his truck, Junior keeps a drawing that a child made for him. It shows Junior as a stick figure, fixing their water heater. The hand-written note on the back says, “Thank you for fixen the wadr hedr. We can tak a bath now.”

McElroy's Integrity Award Junior Barajas Capper Foundation Donation

Donation to the Capper Foundation

Each year, McElroy’s will donate $500 to the charity of the honoree’s choice. Barajas designated the Capper Foundation for this year’s contribution. “I have a niece who utilizes Capper services,” said Barajas. “I can see the feeling of pride, confidence and life-worth glowing from her face when she speaks of her day there. The Capper Foundation practices values similar to McElroy’s in giving kids and adults a chance to live their lives to be as successful as possible with their own unique challenges.”

Sincere Appreciation and Recognition

“We at McElroy’s are glad you take pride in solving our customers’ challenges, Junior,” said Dan. “We’re very proud of you and your work for McElroy’s, our customers and community. Thank you for your service, loyalty and devotion to the ideals of McElroy’s!”

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