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Bobby Millard, McElroy’s commercial HVAC service technician, celebrates 10 years with McElroy’s on May 19, 2024.


Service Bobby Millard: 10 Years of Stubborn Craftsmanship

May 20, 2024

“Customers really like Bobby Millard. He wins them over because he genuinely means well, is a straight shooter, does solid work and owns up to any mistakes,” said Keith Watkins, McElroy’s Commercial HVAC service manager. “Apprentices may not feel the same – not at first, anyway. Bobby is hard-nosed about craftsmanship and doesn’t pull punches if the work isn’t excellent. Even so, apprentices eventually learn he has their best interests at heart.” On May 19, 2024, Bobby Millard, commercial HVAC service technician, celebrates his 10th anniversary with McElroy’s. Bobby is determined to do his best – some would say he’s “stubborn” – but he’s still the friendly kind of guy you’d go fishing with. We’re happy to honor Bobby for his first decade with McElroy’s!

Fast and Dangerous

Bobby grew up in Tecumseh, Kansas, and attended Shawnee Heights High School. “My favorite classes were welding and wood shop,” Bobby said. “I enjoyed wrenching on cars and trucks, and I was into anything with a motor that was fast and dangerous, like dirt bikes and 4-wheelers. I used to race quads at the Wichita Jeeps Motorcycle Club.” One of his school friends was Brit Hunsicker, whose father, Greg Hunsicker, has long managed McElroy’s residential HVAC team. “The Hunsickers had a good lifestyle, so Greg’s career example sparked my interest in HVAC.”

Bobby Millard, McElroy’s commercial HVAC service technician, conducts an inspection of HVAC equipment for a school district.Summer Job

After high school, Bobby attended Washburn Tech full time studying Electrical, Heating & Air. Between his two years at Washburn Tech, Bobby reached out to Greg for a summer job. “Greg hired me to help tear out old equipment and install new heating and air systems, boilers, water heaters and residential splits,” Bobby said. “When it was time to return to school, Greg told me to come back after graduation!”


Bobby was glad to go full-time on Greg’s team the following spring. “The guys I worked with in McElroy’s residential HVAC department were great mentors,” Bobby said. “They taught me all about the value of taking pride in our craftsmanship. We strove for phenomenal quality – making sure that everything we put in looked a lot better than the old system we tore out. We were building masterpieces.” After several years in residential work, Bobby decided he’d like the challenge of servicing bigger, more complicated HVAC systems on the McElroy’s commercial-business side. It took a while before a position opened for him, but then he made the switch.

McElroy’s commercial HVAC service technician, Bobby Millard, reviews real-time HVAC-system operating data.Comercial HVAC Service

In commercial HVAC service Bobby works regularly with a few key customers with large-scale buildings and campuses – often spending several days a month onsite for each customer. “The customers really get to know and trust Bobby,” said Brit Hunsicker, McElroy’s commercial HVAC service sales. “He’s very personable and gives customers his honest opinion about what’s best for their needs. And if anything goes wrong, he owns up to it immediately and sees that it’s fixed. Customers respect that. I’ve never had a customer tell me not to send him back.”

A Tough Mentor

Bobby has also carried his insistence upon craftsmanship forward to the commercial service department. “Bobby was very tough on me as an apprentice, and I didn’t understand it at first,” said Sam Jaurez, McElroy’s commercial HVAC service technician. “I was struggling, and he McElroy’s commercial HVAC service technician, Bobby Millard, does maintenance on a boiler system for a high school kitchen.told me it was time to act like this was my Big-Boy Job. His criticisms helped me step up and take more pride in everything I do – whatever it may be – making sure it will look sharp and work great. Now, two years down the road, I’m running the project for about half of the jobs I do. Even so, we still call each other a lot. Bobby’s always there if I need him, and I help him when I can.”


Bobby’s wife, Josie, is a dental hygienist for Topeka Dentistry. They have two daughters, Kylie, aged two, and Kynslie, who was born on March 19, 2024. They enjoy the outdoors together, including camping and side-by-side riding. Bobby and Josie also like to hunt pheasant and quail with their two bird dogs – who Kylie is very fond of. Bobby’s sister, Jayme, is married to Nick Newsom who also works for McElroy’s commercial HVAC service team. Possibly living up to Bobby’s original vision of what a successful HVAC career could lead to, he and Josie live in the neighborhood across the street from Greg Hunsicker.

Plumb, Straight and True

“Before I start on a project, I envision it in my mind’s eye to see how it all fits together. Then when I build it, I want it to be plumb, straight and true,” Bobby said. “Josie calls me stubborn, and it’s true – when I’m determined about something, I just can’t let it go.” That’s okay, Bobby. You picked the right career, and the right company to work for if craftsmanship is your obsession – that, plus an ability to build lasting customer relationships! We’re happy to have you on our team, and we’re glad to celebrate with you your first decade with McElroy’s!

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