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Combustion Analysis: Cost Efficiency & Safety

November 24, 2020

For cost-efficient and safe operation, boilers and their burners should have a regular combustion analysis performed. An improperly calibrated boiler can waste unburned fuel, run cooler than it should, produce gases that can damage the boiler and/or create unsafe levels of poisonous gases.

McElroy’s Knows Boilers

The professional heating and cooling technicians at McElroy’s are experts in boiler installation, repair and maintenance. We’re familiar with the many kinds of boilers, the fuels they use and their technical specifications. Our skills help boilers to provide optimal heat value while running more reliably, safer and longer.

Air-to-Fuel Efficiency

A boiler runs at peak efficiency when the burner receives the proper air-to-fuel ratio. Too little air means not all of the fuel will burn. Unburned fuel exits the burner’s stack as a waste emission. Too much air flowing through will carry some of the heat produced out through the stack. Because wasted fuel or lost heat both lead to inefficiency and excess cost, it’s important to have a controlled amount of “excess air” – a fine-tuned percentage of additional air that ensures complete burning with minimum heat loss.

The Combustion Analyzer

Trained McElroy’s technicians use a combustion analyzer to measure the air-to-fuel ratio of the burner and calculate the efficiency of the boiler. The technician also factors in the type of fuel, rate of air flow, and the temperature and chemical composition of the air both as it enters and exits the boiler.

Adjusting the Boiler

Studying the analyzer’s information, the technician fine-tunes the burner’s air-to-fuel ratio while measuring the results of the adjustments. When the boiler is fully calibrated, the technician prints a final analyzer report.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Incomplete combustion can produce the toxic gas carbon monoxide. McElroy’s works to bring CO emission levels to as close to zero as possible.

Save Money with Preventive Maintenance

When you contract with McElroy’s for your preventive maintenance, we are your experts on all facets of your heating and cooling systems. Whether we installed your systems or began servicing them after the fact, you can count on McElroy’s to know where everything is and how it works. Our expertise saves you money by keeping your equipment running more reliably, more efficiently, safer and longer. And if there is an emergency, we can fix it fast.

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