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Home Heating Efficiency Checklist

November 21, 2019

Winter is here and between parties, holiday shopping, and a frequently-running furnace, it may feel like money is leaving your bank account faster than cold air seeping through a drafty window. We can’t help you with your online shopping habits, but we can help save you money when it comes to keeping your house warm during these frigid months. Here are some ways to ensure you are heating your home as efficiently as possible.

Heating Efficiency

First, make sure your supply registers are fully open. You may have closed some of these during the summer months, specifically if you’re in a multi-story home. You should have registers fully open on all floors in the winter.

Another simple check to do is of your home ceiling fans. Most fans have the option to switch their spin direction depending on whether you want air pushed up or down. In the winter, flip the switch on your ceiling fans to ensure they are moving clockwise and pushing warm air down back into the room.

Check airflow vents, radiators and your furnace. These things should remain unobstructed. Make sure vents and radiators are also dusted.

Have a drafty door or window? You’re paying for that warm air, so let’s keep it inside. Use caulk or add weatherstripping around doors and windows. For another layer of protection, add a storm door to help block out the elements. Don’t ignore the less obvious areas that leak air, too, like gaps around chimneys, unfinished spaces, and utility cut-throughs for pipes.

Speaking of pipes, by insulating boiler and hot water pipes and ducts that run through unheated areas of the home you can cut down on extra heat loss.

If you are in need of furnace repair/service, it’s best to find out before you lose heat on a 30-degree day. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance checks with your local heating and cooling experts at McElroy’s. When heating and cooling equipment is properly maintained at least once a year, it lasts an average 3-5 years longer and can be up to 20% more efficient than systems that aren’t properly maintained.

Lower your thermostat at night and anytime you leave your home. Dropping the temperature three to five degrees will reduce your monthly bill, and according to, lowering the thermostat 10-15 degrees during the work day will save 5%-15% in a year.

Consider a smart thermostat to increase your capabilities and yearly savings. Most smart thermostats today are WiFi and through an app on your mobile device you can make changes to your homes HVAC system remotely. That makes them smart, convenient, and a money-saver. #Winning

Installation of a smart thermostat can be done by the experienced team at McElroy’s. Even if you don’t buy the thermostat from us, we’re happy to install it for you. McElroy’s is a Carrier Residential Factory Authorized Dealer. Learn more about the Carrier Infinity System thermostat, which gives you pinpoint heating and cooling precision by automatically adapting to the weather. Or consider the high-rated Nest thermostat. On average, the Nest thermostat saved US customers about 10-12% on their heating bills and about 15% on cooling bills.

Whatever your needs, McElroy’s technicians can help you assess your heating and cooling system and determine the best path forward for you and your home. We offer an $89 diagnostic visit to run a check on your residential heating or cooling system. We would love to help you with any issues discovered during the diagnostic visit. Call us today to schedule a service. 

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