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Kristen Colvin, McElroy’s commercial-construction assistant project manager, celebrates 15 years with McElroy’s on March 2, 2024.


Construction Kristen Colvin: 15 Years of Assertive Solutions

March 04, 2024

Kristen Colvin, McElroy’s commercial-construction assistant project manager, meets with Vice President Wade Jueneman.“Kristen Colvin does anything you give her extremely well – and if you haven’t given her enough to do, she’ll demand more,” said McElroy’s Vice President Wade Jueneman. “She’s a hard worker and a fast learner who is always on the lookout for ways to improve how we do things – to get more done, better and faster. Grass never grows under her feet!” On March 2, 2024, Kristen Colvin, assistant project manager, celebrates her 15th anniversary with McElroy’s. Kristen has proven repeatedly that she enjoys solving challenges so much, she’ll go out of her way to take on new ones. We’re proud to honor Kristen for 15 exemplary years with McElroy’s!

The Tough Subjects

Kristen has never been satisfied with the easy path. As a student at Topeka High School, she sought out the advanced placement and honors courses – in tough subjects like science, anatomy, physiology and honors English. “When I was 12, I toured all the local news stations because I wanted to be a meteorologist,” Kristen said, “but I quickly learned that math would be an issue, and that was my weak area. Nonetheless, I still have a huge passion for meteorology.”

Business Focus

Following high school, Kristen got a position as the receptionist for a law firm and, showing her characteristic initiative, quickly moved up until she became office manager. After nearly five years, the type of business the law firm specialized in changed, and the company closed. “I liked my work at the law firm and wanted to learn more about business, so I enrolled at Highland Community College to take prerequisite courses,” Kristen said. “I still needed to work, so I looked for a simple job that would allow me to focus on my studies.”

Kristen Colvin discusses building construction plans with McElroy’s project supervisors Scott Schneider and Preston Bond.Starting at McElroy’s

Kristen spotted a receptionist opening at McElroy’s. “I’d heard of McElroy’s and had a good impression of the company,” Kristen said. “I knew I could easily do the reception job well.” She applied and went through a long, multi-interview process. It took a while, but Kristen got the job. “It was worth the wait. I loved it at McElroy’s immediately. Everyone is friendly and accepting. It’s a large and growing company, but leadership still makes it feel like family.”

Wanting To Do More

Barely six months into her time at McElroy’s, a spot doing project billing opened in the accounting department. Kristen couldn’t resist the challenge. “I discovered project billing was really fun,” she said. “I did accounting and got to play at construction, learning the process of how things are built.” A few years later, McElroy’s opened a new position for an assistant project manager, and Kristen really wanted it. “With what I’d already learned through doing construction billing, I knew I’d be great at it.” Wade Jueneman agreed she’d be a perfect fit, and Kristen was offered the position. “The commercial construction department is terrific,” Kristen said. “Everyone from the estimators to the project managers, supervisors and field staff are so positive, knowledgeable and helpful.”

McElroy’s commercial-construction assistant project manager Kristen Colvin reviews workforce schedules with Scott Schneider.Keeping Busy

“Kristen jumps right into any challenge immediately and gets to the bottom of things,” said Scott Schneider, McElroy’s commercial project supervisor. “If there are materials or equipment missing for a job, she’ll track things down like an investigator.” Kristen says she prefers having too much to do than not enough, and Scott agrees that’s true. “When I’m too busy, she’ll offer to take a load off and she’ll jump right on it. Kristen’s just as responsive for anybody on the team – from the project managers to the guys in the field.”

A Great Teacher

“My very first day on the accounting team, Kristen was still in that department,” said Alyssa Gentry. “The team leader was sick, so he asked Kristen to start my training. She didn’t blink an eye and jumped right in. I’ve known literally from day one what a thoughtful person and a great teacher she is.” Years later, Alyssa followed Kristen over to the commercial construction side. “Once again, Kristen had the task of training me to become the team’s second assistant project manager. I doubt anyone knows our programs and systems better than Kristen does. She knows her stuff and gets things done!”

Ellie Mae and Eddie are McElroy’s commercial-construction assistant project manager Kristen Colvin’s beagle babies.Family

Kristen and her husband, Brandon, enjoy traveling and getting together with family. Kristen has a brother in Topeka, a sister in Kansas City, a sister in North Carolina and a total of three nieces and three nephews. Kristen has two beagles: Eddie and Ellie Mae. “I found them both on Craig’s list,” Kristen said. “Eddie had been a prison rehab dog, but he was too rambunctious for his at-home family, so we took him in. Ellie Mae was not well cared for, but now she’s a fat and happy girl! I adore my babies!”

Days & Years Fly By

“I enjoy how every day at McElroy’s is different,” Kristen said. “From the beginning of a construction project to the billing stage, every project has its own unique challenges. Couple that with simply having a lot to do, and every day flies by.” It seems like 15 years have flown by so quickly, since Kristen first started at our reception desk. Because she’s always looking for more to do, she has advanced into a position she loves. Thank you for your initiative, Kristen, and for your assertive problem-solving attitude. We at McElroy’s appreciate your 15 years of growing contributions to the team, and we look forward to everything you’ll accomplish with us in the future!

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