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Mat Herl, McElroy’s commercial construction pipefitter, celebrates his 10th McElroy’s anniversary, December 15, 2023.


Construction Mat Herl: 10 Years of Meticulous Craftsmanship

December 15, 2023

McElroy’s commercial construction pipefitters, Mat Herl and Quentin Latta, discuss a project.“Mat Herl is meticulous about everything he does – from his reliability to his top-notch craftsmanship,” said Quentin Latta, plumbing/pipefitting foreman with McElroy’s. “That’s important for a plumber/pipefitter who works a lot in hospital settings, where the mechanical systems help save lives. Mat has led teams building medical facilities from the ground up, and also does maintenance and upgrades to keep them in top shape.” On December 15, 2023, we honor Mat Herl for 10 years as a plumber/pipefitter with the McElroy’s commercial construction team. We’re proud of his dedication to always doing his best!

Cars & Soccer

Mat grew up in east Topeka, attending St. Matthew Catholic School and then Highland Park. His father worked for BNSF and had a well-stocked shop in his garage. “About seven of my buddies would come over and work on cars in dad’s shop,” Mat said. “Whenever we needed help, dad would tell us what to do. My favorite project was a GMC Jimmy 4x4.” Mat was a goalie for his high school soccer team and played on scholarship for Cloud County Community College – until his leg was broken in a nasty collision during a match.

Coca-Cola Rep

Mat enrolled at Washburn University to study Criminal Justice, with a minor in Law Enforcement and History. “I wanted to help people by being a U.S. Marshal,” Mat said. “I passed all the tests, but in the end, I evidently wasn’t big enough.” So, Mat went to work for an area Coca-Cola distributor. “I was an account manager with a good territory and the money was great. To succeed, I was always on the go, meeting different people, with no downtime. After about 10 years of working 80 to 90 hours a week, I was burning out.”

McElroy’s commercial construction pipefitter, Mat Herl, works at the University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus, in Topeka.Joining the Union

A friend was working for an area sheet-metal company, and he suggested that Mat could make a good living in the trades. “I applied for the plumbers union and the rest, as they say, is history,” Mat said. “McElroy’s was looking for an apprentice to help with work for Stormont Vail Health Care and the foreman picked me. From day one, McElroy’s has been a great company to work for. You feel like part of the family – not just a number. They’ve always taken good care of me.”

Valued Co-worker

“Mat came up through the union a couple of years behind me,” said McElroy’s plumber/pipefitter foreman, Brian Bergquist. “Over the years, we’ve worked side-by-side on multiple medical-facility projects for Stormont Vail. Mat is good at envisioning what’s not there – he makes a game plan and brings his part of the project to fruition. Mat’s self-motivated, so you just let him have at it and he’ll make sure everything looks and works great. What’s more, he’s an easy-going dude with a great attitude who can get along with anybody. I’d have him on my jobs any time.”

McElroy’s commercial construction pipefitter, Mat Herl, works at the University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus, in Topeka.All Kinds of Projects

Over the years, Mat has been involved with a wide variety of projects. “I’ve been on new construction jobs from laying the underground piping to setting the final plumbing fixtures,” Mat said. “And I’ve done plenty of system maintenance and upgrade work too. I’m happy pretty much wherever I’m needed! From time to time the ebb and flow of work has meant layoffs, and I’ve found work elsewhere. But every time, McElroy’s has called me back and I’ve been glad to return.”

Very Organized

Mat describes himself as a methodical neat-freak – and it shows in the high quality of his work. “From the outset of a project, I like reading the prints and marking everything out so it’s clean and very organized,” Mat said. “I feel like my name is attached to everything I’m involved in. If the piping isn’t straight and level, I’ll fix it, just like I was taught. I also believe in cleaning my tools when I put them up. They’ll last longer that way!”


Mat and his wife, Denise, live in Topeka. Mat’s stepson, Tristan Martin, is a senior at Shawnee Heights High, and his stepdaughter, Tesla Martin, is a sixth grader at Shawnee Heights Elementary. The family likes to travel and has especially enjoyed Hawaii, and going to Las Vegas to see the shows. Mat’s 24-year-old son, Dakota, was recently married and will be a highway patrolman based in Topeka. Mat and his older brother, Chris, are KU football and basketball fans. They often get together with their mom and dad at Chris’ house to socialize and watch games.

McElroy’s commercial construction pipefitter, Mat Herl, works at the University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus, in Topeka.Friendly Perfectionism

“Construction plumbing and pipefitting is a great career,” Mat said. “You make good money while having the satisfaction of working with your hands. If a person is willing to listen and learn, they can make a great living in the plumbing, sheet metal or electrical trades.” We’re glad to have you on the McElroy’s team, Mat. We appreciate the 10 years that you’ve been putting your meticulous craftsmanship to work for our customers. Thank you for your friendly perfectionism!

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