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Prefabrication: Better, Faster … and Safer!

October 07, 2020

While COVID-19 is changing a lot about how everyone lives and works, McElroy’s is busy ensuring that the HVAC, plumbing and pipefitting needs of all of our customers can always be safely met. Prefabrication is an important, healthy advantage that we offer. It’s healthy for our customers’ bottom line, and – now especially – safer and healthier for the worksite.

prefab for any need

McElroy’s is set up to expertly engineer and precisely pre-build components of any size and scale for HVAC systems, plumbing and pipefitting projects. Prefabrication saves time and money for new construction projects as well as renovations.

Highest Quality

We custom prefabricate in our own state-of-the art shops, where the right tools and technology are conveniently at hand. This allows for attention to detail, top-notch quality control and cost-efficient speed.

Fast, Accurate, Clean Installation

The completed components are taken to the job site and quickly and accurately installed using laser-guided positioning systems. Because McElroy’s has pre-built everything offsite, there is none of the scrap and mess to clean up from onsite fabrication.

Safer and Healthier

While job sites often involve close quarters, our prefabrication facilities are spacious. McElroy’s talented prefabricators can be highly productive while socially distancing as they work. Because our prefabricators work away from the job site, there will be fewer workers onsite, so other trades can work faster and more safely too. When the components are ready to install, our efficient installation crew will get in and out in short order – again minimizing worker contact.

On Time and On Budget

The challenges of COVID-19 do not have to add costly time and safety concerns to your construction or renovation project. Let the efficiency and safety of McElroy’s in-house prefabrication expertise keep your project on schedule at the price you are counting on. It’s the healthiest choice for your business!

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