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Preston Bond, McElroy’s commercial construction project supervisor, celebrates 10 years with McElroy’s on June 24, 2024.


Construction Preston Bond: 10 Years of Helping Others Succeed

June 24, 2024

Preston Bond, McElroy’s commercial construction project supervisor, discuss a job with McElroy’s President Wade Jueneman.“Preston Bond helps manage manpower for McElroy’s commercial construction division. He’s very talented at making every team member better,” said McElroy’s President Wade Jueneman. “Preston knows which of our technicians have the best knowledge or skills to accomplish every part of each project. Like an orchestra leader, he puts the right people in the right seats. He can tell who’s off pitch and helps them get it right, and he knows how to speed things up or slow them down for the best results.” On June 24, 2024, Preston Bond, commercial construction project supervisor, celebrates his 10th anniversary with McElroy’s. Preston is a hard-working leader, dedicated to putting everyone around him into the best position for success. We’re proud to celebrate Preston’s first decade with McElroy’s!

Staying Busy

Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Preston’s family moved to Perry when he was in middle school. Preston’s father and uncle are union electricians, as were Preston’s grandfather and great-grandfather. At Perry High School, Preston naturally gravitated toward trades-related classes like wood shop, metal shop, and construction science. He also started working at an early age – at the local pizza shop, and mowing yards. “I worked a lot of evenings and every weekend,” Preston said. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always liked being busy.”

His Own Path

McElroy’s commercial construction project supervisor, Preston Bond, prepares a UVC air-sterilization bulb for installation.Preston’s older brother, two younger brothers and cousin all followed the family path into electrical work. “I’m the black sheep of the family,” Preston said with a smile. “I’m in the trades, but doing my own thing.” The Monday after high school graduation, Preston started as a carpenter with a regional construction contractor. After about five years, he struck out on his own. “I opened PB Construction and did drywall, decks and roofs for residential and light commercial customers.” After a while, he took his business to Wisconsin for a couple of years, then returned to Kansas.

Choosing McElroy’s

Back in Kansas, Preston began a pre-apprenticeship with Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Local #441, with an emphasis on HVAC, and worked for a signatory contractor in Lawrence. That company closed 18 months later, and the union suggested Preston could hire on with McElroy’s or the contractor where all the electricians in his family worked. “Rather than be just another Bond on that company’s payroll, I decided to make my own name with McElroy’s,” Preston said. “That decision has worked out very well for me!”

Fast Learner

Preston Bond, McElroy’s commercial construction project supervisor, works on a job with McElroy’s technician Brent Eisenbarth.Phil Harper, McElroy’s commercial construction supervisor, was the first journeyman Preston worked with at McElroy’s. “You could tell immediately that Preston had been working since he was a kid. His skills and professionalism were way ahead of most apprentices,” Phil said. “We started working together doing Trane Controls projects all over Washburn University. I quickly threw him to the wolves, having him do his own installation and service jobs – and he was very fast to learn. Ten years later, he’s incredibly well rounded and knows a lot about practically everything. You’d think he’s been in this trade for 60 years!”

Is It Greener?

After Preston turned out as a journeyman, he hit a phase a lot of folks do. He thought he saw greener grass elsewhere. “I took a job with a very large contractor who said I’d be running projects, but that never happened,” Preston said. “Instead, I was doing fabrication at the same facility all day every day – not what I signed on for.” Word got around that Preston wasn’t happy and his old friends came calling. “McElroy’s had a supervisor spot available for me and wanted me back. It was great to return. A couple of years later, I was asked to take over the manpower responsibilities, and I was glad to do it.”

Can-do Leader

Commercial construction project supervisor, Preston Bond, manages manpower for McElroy’s.“As a leader of manpower, Preston has a remarkable can-do attitude. Whenever there’s a challenge, he rallies everyone, gets them on board with solutions and makes sure they have what they need to get it done,” said Richard Hammer, McElroy’s commercial project engineer. “He also keeps things going every day in ways we don’t see. Preston picks the right people for each project and gets them the tools, materials and answers they count on. He’s highly committed to the trade, to the company and to the projects. Preston does all that and still coaches his kids and does some farming on the side. He’s a busy guy!”

Farming & Family

Preston, his wife, Tia and their kids live on a farm between Overbrook and Baldwin. Preston and his older brother, Scott, raise cattle, make their own hay and grind feed, while Tia raises chickens. Tia’s three teenage daughters, Preston’s stepchildren, are Paityn, Kenzie and Katelyn. They also have a son, Braxton, age 7, and daughter Baylee, age 5. The family enjoys taking their camper to nearby lakes such as Clinton and Pomona. The older girls are active in sports like volleyball and wrestling, and Preston is head coach for Braxton’s flag football team. Tia devotes most of her time to being a mom, and helps with the pre-school youngsters at the area school. Recently in his “free” time, Preston, Scott, and close friend Chris flipped a nearby house in just four months.

High Recognition

“While McElroy’s has grown a lot, especially in recent years, the family-oriented culture remains strong,” Preston said. “If you do a great job, it will be recognized, and opportunities will follow.” Preston is an excellent example of a teammate who is well worthy of high recognition. He’s an outstanding individual who frequently goes above and beyond, and also strives to help everyone around him to be the best they can be. We’re very pleased to celebrate with Preston on his 10th McElroy’s anniversary, and we hope to honor him for many more milestones in the years to come!

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