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Service Stories of the Pipe: McElroy’s Plumbers Share Their Craziest Tales

December 01, 2019

We asked our plumbing technicians to share stories about the strangest things they’ve found in plumbing systems. The results did not disappoint! 

One Dark Knight

Several years ago, a McElroy's technician arrived at a residence to address a toilet clog. The woman was adamant that it must have been her husband. The husband was certain it was the in-laws, who had recently spent the weekend. After augering, then removing the toilet, the technician had a positive I.D. of the culprit... it was Batman! Specifically, a Lego Batman lodged in the trap of the toilet.

Trapped Treasure 

One McElroy’s customer lost a diamond earring in the drain while showering. The shower was in the slab part of house and bathroom was recently redone. The tech figured it was probably in the sewer main, but used a See Snake to take a look. Turns out the earring was there, stuck to a piece of bar soap just immediately after the p trap. 

The homeowner was determined to get the earring back, and told the technician if they had to tear out the recently laid floor, it was worth it to her. But that turned out to be unnecessary. The technician used a shop vac with rags to create suction and after many tries they heard the sound of something heavy hit inside the vacuum tank. Opening up the canister confirmed the earring was there. 

The homeowner was ecstatic. The earring was from her grandmother and quite valuable to her. A happy ending to this story of lost treasure!

Crazy Clogging Items: A List 

  • A utility knife in a public toilet 
  • A plastic Simba toy in a residential toilet 
  • A squirrel in a residential p trap. 
  • 12’’ crescent wrench in an industrial drain
  • Live opossum while running a camera in a sewer line

Don’t lose your shirt 

A customer in an apartment complex called needing help with a toilet that wouldn’t flush and was overflowing. Using a toilet auger, the McElroy’s technician snagged something big. After several attempts he was able to pull back his catch. It was a large t-shirt! The customer was surprised and relieved to have both his shirt and his toilet back. 

A HOLE lot of Nope Ropes 

A water meter pit that was home to nine snakes.

McElroy’s Can Handle It

No matter what’s clogging your pipes, count on our technicians as the plumbing pros to diagnose and fix it quickly. Depend on us for exceptional craftsmanship, and - if necessary - retrieval of lost items!  

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