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Tanner Darveaux, McElroy’s commercial construction sheet-metal foreman, celebrates 10 years with McElroy’s on January 28, 2024.


Construction Tanner Darveaux: 10 Years of Go-to Expertise

January 29, 2024

“Tanner Darveaux was my first apprentice, and we’ve worked together off and on since he arrived,” said John Hoyt, McElroy’s Director of VDC/Fabrication. “Tanner is a key team member. He’s a great problem solver, takes pride in attention to detail and ensures that only the best quality work is done. What’s more, Tanner is an exemplary father and family man, and I’m proud that he’s my friend.” On January 28, 2024, Tanner Darveaux – a sheet-metal journeyman in commercial construction – marks his 10th anniversary with McElroy’s. Tanner leads with an easy-going style and clear expectations that foster consistently high craftsmanship. We’re very happy to honor Tanner for 10 excellent years at McElroy’s!

An Athlete

Tanner grew up in Valley Falls, Kansas, where he developed a strong work ethic. “I cut and split wood, helped out on farms, and threw hay,” Tanner said. In high school, he was good at math and geometry, and he especially enjoyed phys-ed classes and weightlifting. “I played center and defensive tackle on our football team. My junior year we made it to the second round of the state playoffs.” After graduation, Tanner got a job with an area sheet-metal company, with whom he spent about six months working on roofing at the Topeka Goodyear Plant.

Tanner Darveaux, McElroy’s commercial construction sheet-metal foreman, cuts a section of circular air duct to length.McElroy’s Sheet Metal

“My stepdad’s brother worked in sheet metal for McElroy’s, and he told me they were looking for a pre-apprentice,” Tanner said. “I liked working with my hands, and I was hoping McElroy’s might offer me better training.” Tanner got the McElroy’s position and started working in the fabrication shop. Soon, he was with journeymen in the field. “They were a great team of guys, and things really clicked for me. After a year, I joined the union. I remember that John Hoyt and I spent a year working together on the Cotton O’Neil Kanza Park building. That was an excellent learning experience.”

A Year Working in Controls

As much as he liked McElroy’s, about two months after Tanner turned out as a sheet-metal journeyman, the lure of greener grass called. “A friend recommended that I move to a building controls company, and that seemed like a smart move,” Tanner said. “I thought it would be a step up, but it turned out I was doing a lot of smaller projects – mostly far out of town. That was tough on my wife and kids. After about a year of that, I asked McElroy’s sheet-metal manager, Martin Decker, if there was anything open. I’m glad I left on good terms, because Martin welcomed me back!”

McElroy’s commercial construction sheet-metal foreman, Tanner Darveaux, measures a length of circular air duct.Three Priorities

“Tanner is a dependable guy with a team attitude, and I hated to see him go,” said Martin Decker. “McElroy’s is a family-oriented company and he realized he’d have more freedom with us, and he could go home every day!” Everyone was glad to see Tanner return. “I’d say Tanner’s big-three priorities are safety, doing the highest quality, and getting the job done. He’s a true problem solver who works out any issues that come up – and he does it all with no drama. We simply count on Tanner and his team to do what’s best for our customers.”


Upon his return, Tanner hit the ground running. Soon he was serving as foreman on major McElroy’s projects. Tanner led the sheet-metal team on the Washburn Law School project, then moved to renovation work at Holton High School. In January 2023 Tanner was the initial leader on Brewster Place’s Redwood renovations and expansion, and starting in November he took the lead on Washburn Rural’s new Middle School. “As a foreman, I like teaching guys by example. I let the apprentices do as much as they can, and I show them the importance of being reliable, organized, and making our work look great.”

McElroy’s commercial construction sheet-metal foreman, Tanner Darveaux, fastens a reducer on top of a large, circular air duct.Go-to Skillset

“When I began as an apprentice at McElroy’s, it was a blessing to start off with Tanner,” said Braedon Breckenridge, now a McElroy’s sheet-metal journeyman. “He took me under his wing and went above and beyond, helping me learn. While Tanner always shows up with a smile and is fun to work with, he has a great eye for details and pushes us to always give it our best craftsmanship. Tanner is a go-to guy for all kinds of questions, and his wide skillset is great for an apprentice to learn from.”

Family Oriented

Tanner and his wife Harmony live in Ozawkie, Kansas, with their three children: Ella, age 12; Emelia, age 5; and Ryett, born in October 2023. Ella enjoys volleyball, softball and wrestling. Emelia likes arts and crafts and going to kindergarten. Tanner and Harmony enjoy working out and doing projects around the house. Harmony’s mother and father and two brothers live nearby in Perry, Kansas, and Tanner’s family is also very close. “We’re definitely family oriented,” Tanner said. “We get together almost every weekend, for fun and to help each other out. Lately, I’ve been helping my brother build a house.”

10 Outstanding Years

“McElroy’s is a good place to work and make a career,” Tanner said. “There are plenty of opportunities if you show up and work hard. As a union company, everybody is well trained, we know how things should go together and we take pride in how they look.” McElroy’s is very pleased that Tanner Darveaux is making his career with us. His skillful craftsmanship, reliable leadership, and easy-going attitude are all much appreciated. Thank you, Tanner, for 10 outstanding years with McElroy’s. We look forward to the decades to come!

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