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Ultraviolet C: A Wise, Safe Option

March 05, 2021

McElroy’s was working with CoreFirst Bank & Trust on a complete renovation of the bank’s Topeka headquarters when the dangers of COVID-19 became very clear. “In the middle of our remodel, we were wondering how to better protect our employees and customers from whatever might be in the air,” said John Fager, CoreFirst executive vice president. “McElroy’s was putting in all-new mechanical systems for us, and we asked them what they might suggest. Wade Jueneman came up with a fantastic solution – one he’s actually used in his own home.”

Smart and Timely

“Ultraviolet C (UVC) is a wavelength of light that has a deadly effect on microorganisms,” said Wade Jueneman, McElroy’s vice president of engineering. “By strategically placing lamps that emit UVC rays inside the ductwork that circulates a building’s air, it will kill pathogens passing through the ducts.” McElroy’s was installing completely updated heating and air systems as part of the bank’s renovation, so upgrading the systems to incorporate UVC technology was a smart and timely option. McElroy’s had the expertise to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

Continual Sterilization

“When we shared McElroy’s suggestion with our team, everyone was enthusiastic about it,” said John. “The UVC technology will kill 99.3% of all the spores, viruses and bacteria in the air as it passes by. Knowing that the air in our building is sterilized continually as it recirculates makes our team members much more comfortable. And of course that’s a great benefit for our customers when they visit us as well.”

New Construction or Renovations

The timing was excellent for incorporating UVC into the CoreFirst headquarters renovations. McElroy’s can help any customer add UVC technology at any point in a building’s lifecycle. “McElroy’s can customize a UVC system for any new construction project during the design phase,” said Wade. “We can also create UVC solutions to fit any existing system anyone has. We’re HVAC experts and innovators, and we know how to make it work.”

A Valuable Investment

Investing in UVC technology pays off in a variety of ways. “Making sure that the indoor air we breathe is safe is extremely important,” said John. “It also means a lot to our team to know that we’re investing in their health and wellbeing. From a cost and effectiveness standpoint, we think it was a home run.” For a customized UVC system that will make your building’s air safer for employees and customers, while improving team morale, count on the innovative HVAC experts at McElroy’s.

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