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Case Study

Entertainment & HospitalityFirst Baptist Church

Boiler Replacement

Topeka, KS 182,000 SQ FT

Completed: October 11, 2019

      When inspecting the aging boiler system at First Baptist Church in Topeka, we reported the presence of asbestos. This, in combination with the worn condition and inefficiency of the old system, led First Baptist to request replacement of the boiler, pumps and associated piping.

      McElroy’s disconnected all electrical wiring, gas and water piping and took out all the old equipment and piping. We put the new, high-efficiency gas boilers in place, bolted the new pump to the pad and installed vibration-dampening flex pipes. Key piping components were precision made in our pre-fab shops, and final welding, soldering and brazing was completed onsite. We replaced all asbestos insulation with new fiberglass insulation.

      When completed, we performed a complete inspection and combustion analysis. Our scheduled maintenance service will help First Baptist keep their boilers running at energy-saving efficiency while maximizing the lifespan of their investment.


  • Inspection revealed safety and efficiency concerns of old boiler system
  • Complete removal of old and dangerous equipment and piping
  • Two new, high-efficiency gas boilers
  • Main pump, in-line pumps, strainers and isolation ball valves
  • Water piping, condensate lines and pressure relief piping
  • Cold-water expansion tank
  • Gas piping, header and drops
  • Replace asbestos insulation with fiberglass insulation
  • Set up boilers to cascade, labeled and addressed
  • Complete inspection and combustion analysis
  • Scheduled maintenance service to ensure long-term cost savings
FBC Building
Nick Newsom
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